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Forest Steven Whitaker has packaged a king-size talent into his hulking 6' 2, 220 lb. frame. He won an Academy Award for his performance as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the film The Last King of Scotland (2006), and has also won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA. He is the fourth African-American male to win an Academy Award for Best Actor, following in... See full bio

Forest Whitaker movies and series available to watch on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu : 1st ratings based on IMDB, 2nd rating - Netflix / Rotten Tomatos users:
* Movie Title (sort) Year Genres (sort) Director / CreatorsLeading Actors Netflix
8.2 Arrival 2016 Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Thriller Denis Villeneuve Amy Adams Jeremy Renner Forest Whitaker * 3.6/5
7.6 The Crying Game 1992 Crime Drama Romance Romance Thriller Neil Jordan Stephen Rea Jaye Davidson Forest Whitaker * 4.1/5
7.0 Vantage Point 2008 Action Crime Drama Drama Mystery Thriller Pete Travis Dennis Quaid Forest Whitaker Matthew Fox
6.9 Panic Room 2002 Crime Drama Thriller David Fincher Jodie Foster Kristen Stewart Forest Whitaker * 3.4/5
6.4 Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior 2011 Crime Drama Mystery Mystery Thriller Series Phil Abraham Forest Whitaker Janeane Garofalo Michael Kelly * 3.8/5
6.2 Burden 2018 Drama Andrew Heckler Andrea Riseborough Garrett Hedlund Forest Whitaker * 3.8/5
6.2 We Are One 2017 Documentary History News News War Kevin Mukherji Forest Whitaker Harold Ramis Jimmy Carter
6.1 Green Dragon 2001 Drama Timothy Linh Bui Patrick Swayze Forest Whitaker Duong Don * 3.8/5
6.1 A Little Trip to Heaven 2005 Drama Thriller Baltasar Kormákur Kharl Anton Leigh Peter Coyote Forest Whitaker * 3.0/5
6.0 The Enemy Within 1994 Drama Thriller Jonathan Darby Forest Whitaker Sam Waterston Dana Delany * 3.3 /5
6.0 A Rage in Harlem 1991 Comedy Crime Bill Duke Forest Whitaker Gregory Hines Robin Givens * 3.4/5
5.9 Even Money 2006 Crime Drama Mark Rydell Kim Basinger Forest Whitaker Nick Cannon * 2.9/5
4.9 Repentance 2013 Drama Horror Thriller Philippe Caland Anthony Mackie Forest Whitaker Sanaa Lathan
4.6 Freelancers 2012 Action Crime Drama Mystery Jessy Terrero 50 Cent, Robert De Niro, Forest Whitaker * 3.6/5
8.1 v Ernest and Celestine 2012 Adventure Animation Comedy Comedy Crime Drama Family Fantasy France Stéphane Aubier Forest Whitaker Lambert Wilson Pauline Brunner * 3.9/5
8.0 Ghost Dog the Way of the Samurai 1999 Action Crime Drama Drama Thriller Jim Jarmusch Forest Whitaker Henry Silva John Tormey * 4.0/5
7.6 Good Morning Vietnam 1987 Biography Comedy Drama Drama War Barry Levinson Robin Williams Forest Whitaker Tung Thanh Tran * 3.9/5
7.3 Phone Booth 2002 Crime Thriller Joel Schumacher Colin Farrell Kiefer Sutherland Forest Whitaker * 3.1/5
6.8 Hurricane Season 2009 Drama Sport Tim Story Forest Whitaker Isaiah Washington Shad Moss * 3.7/5
8.3 Platoon 1986 Drama War Oliver Stone Charlie Sheen Tom Berenger Willem Dafoe * 4.0/5
8.1 Rogue One a Star Wars Story 2016 Action Adventure Sci-Fi Gareth Edwards Felicity Jones Diego Luna Alan Tudyk * 3.9/5
8.0 Door to Door 2002 Drama Steven Schachter William H. Macy Kyra Sedgwick Kathy Baker * 4.1/5
7.9 Smoke 1995 Comedy Drama Wayne Wang Harvey Keitel William Hurt Giancarlo Esposito * 2.7/5
7.5 The Air I Breathe 2007 Crime Drama Thriller Jieho Lee Brendan Fraser Sarah Michelle Gellar Andy Garcia * 3.2/5
7.1 Kassim the Dream 2008 Documentary Kief Davidson Yann Gael Kassim Ouma Kief Davidson - 6.6/10
7.0 Crips and Bloods Made in America 2008 Crime Documentary Stacy Peralta Jim Brown Tony Muhammad Kershaun Scott * 3.8/5
6.4 Special Thanks to Roy London 2005 Documentary Christopher Monger Rhonda Aldrich Louie Anderson Patricia Arquette - 6.8/10
6.2 Johnny Handsome 1989 Crime Drama Thriller Walter Hill Mickey Rourke Ellen Barkin Elizabeth McGovern * 3.1/5

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