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A talented character actor known for his military roles, Ronald Lee Ermey was in the United States Marine Corps for 11 years. He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant, and later was bestowed the honorary rank of Gunnery Sergeant by the Marine Corps, after he served 14 months in Vietnam and later did two tours in Okinawa, Japan. After injuries forced ... See full bio

R. Lee Ermey movies and series available to watch on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu : 1st ratings based on IMDB, 2nd rating - Netflix / Rotten Tomatos users:
* Movie Title (sort) Year Genres (sort) Director / CreatorsLeading Actors Netflix
8.5 Full Metal Jacket 1987 Drama War Stanley Kubrick Matthew Modine R. Lee Ermey Vincent D'Onofrio * 4.1/5
7.3 Prefontaine 1997 Biography Drama Romance Sport Steve James Jared Leto, R. Lee Ermey, Ed ONeill * 3.7/5
7.2 The Siege of Firebase Gloria 1989 Action Drama War Australia Brian Trenchard-Smith Wings Hauser R. Lee Ermey Robert Arevalo * 3.5/5
6.7 Willard 2003 Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller Glen Morgan Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey, Laura Harring * 3.0/5
8.0 Mississippi Burning 1988 Crime Drama History History Mystery Thriller Alan Parker Gene Hackman Willem Dafoe Frances McDormand * 3.9/5
7.9 Leaving Las Vegas 1995 Drama Romance Mike Figgis Nicolas Cage Elisabeth Shue Julian Sands * 3.5/5
7.9 Dead Man Walking 1995 Crime Drama Tim Robbins Susan Sarandon Sean Penn Robert Prosky * 3.7/5
8.6 Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now Redux 1979 Drama Mystery War Francis Ford Coppola Martin Sheen Marlon Brando Robert Duvall * 4.1/5
8.4 Toy Story 1995 Adventure Animation Comedy Comedy Family Fantasy John Lasseter Tom Hanks Tim Allen Don Rickles * 4.2/5
8.4 Toy Story 3 2010 Adventure Animation Comedy Comedy Family Fantasy Lee Unkrich Tom Hanks Tim Allen Joan Cusack * 4.3/5
8.1 Toy Story 2 1999 Adventure Animation Comedy Comedy Family Fantasy John Lasseter Tom Hanks Tim Allen Joan Cusack * 4.1/5
7.7 Murder in the First 1995 Drama Thriller Marc Rocco Christian Slater, Kevin Bacon, Gary Oldman * 3.8/5
8.7 Seven 1995 Crime Drama Mystery Mystery Thriller David Fincher Morgan Freeman Brad Pitt Kevin Spacey * 4.1/5
7.6 Starship Troopers 1997 Action Adventure Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Thriller Paul Verhoeven Casper Van Dien Denise Richards Dina Meyer * 3.5/5
7.5 v Taking Sides 2001 Drama Music War France István Szabó Harvey Keitel Stellan Skarsgerd Moritz Bleibtreu * 3.9/5
7.5 v The Frighteners 1996 Comedy Fantasy Horror Peter Jackson Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Peter Dobson * 3.7/5
7.5 The Salton Sea 2002 Crime Drama Mystery Thriller D.J. Caruso Val Kilmer, Vincent DOnofrio, Adam Goldberg * 3.5/5
7.4 Filmworker 2017 Biography Documentary Tony Zierra Leon Vitali Ryan O'Neal Brian Capron * 3.3/5
7.3 v An Officer and a Gentleman 1982 Drama Romance Taylor Hackford Richard Gere Debra Winger David Keith * 3.8/5
7.3 v Machete Maidens Unleashed 2010 Documentary History Australia Mark Hartley Roger Corman John Landis Pete Tombs * 3.3/5
7.3 v Life 1999 Comedy Crime Drama Ted Demme Eddie Murphy Martin Lawrence Obba Babatunde * 3.2/5
7.1 v The Boys in Company C 1978 Drama War Sidney J. Furie Stan Shaw Andrew Stevens James Canning * 3.6/5
7.1 Run Ronnie Run 2002 Comedy Troy Miller David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Bruce Taylor * 3.4/5
6.9 Toy Soldiers 1991 Action Drama Thriller Daniel Petrie Jr. Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan * 3.5/5
6.9 For Love of Liberty 2010 Documentary Frank Martin Halle Berry Avery Brooks Colin Powell * 3.0/5
6.8 The Naked Gun 33 one 3 the Final Insult 1994 Comedy Crime Peter Segal Leslie Nielsen Priscilla Presley George Kennedy
6.7 v The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 Horror Marcus Nispel Jessica Biel Jonathan Tucker Andrew Bryniarski * 3.4/5
6.7 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 Horror Marcus Nispel Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker, Andrew Bryniarski * 3.0/5
6.6 Switchback 1997 Crime Mystery Thriller Jeb Stuart Danny Glover, Dennis Quaid, Claudia Stedelin * 3.7/5
6.5 Skipped Parts 2000 Comedy Drama Romance Tamra Davis Drew Barrymore Jennifer Jason Leigh Mischa Barton * 3.2/5
6.5 Purple Hearts 1984 Drama War Sidney J. Furie Ken Wahl, Cheryl Ladd, Stephen Lee - 7/10
6.4 Sommersby 1993 Drama Mystery Romance Jon Amiel Richard Gere Jodie Foster Lanny Flaherty * 3.5/5
6.4 You Know My Name 1999 Drama Western John Kent Harrison Sam Elliott Arliss Howard Carolyn McCormick * 3.4/5
6.4 Fletch Lives 1989 Comedy Crime Mystery Michael Ritchie Chevy Chase Hal Holbrook Julianne Phillips * 3.4/5
6.4 v Saving Silverman 2001 Action Comedy Crime Romance Dennis Dugan Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn, Jack Black * 3.2/5

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