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No shrinking violet this one, but despite her talent, vivacity and sheer drive, lovely and alluring blonde Evelyn Keyes would remain for the most part typed as a B girl on the silver screen. In spite of her ripe contributions to such superior pictures as Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941), The Jolson Story (1946), Mrs. Mike (1949), The Prowler (1951) ... See full bio

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* Movie Title (sort) Year Genres (sort) Director / CreatorsLeading Actors Netflix
7.4 The Seven Year Itch 1955 Comedy Romance Billy Wilder Marilyn Monroe Tom Ewell Evelyn Keyes * 3.6/5
6.2 Before I Hang 1940 Crime Horror Sci-Fi Nick Grinde Boris Karloff Evelyn Keyes Bruce Bennett * 3.0/5
7.6 Here Comes Mr Jordan 1941 Comedy Fantasy Romance Alexander Hall Robert Montgomery Claude Rains Evelyn Keyes * 3.6/5
6.7 v The Mating of Millie 1948 Comedy Henry Levin Glenn Ford Evelyn Keyes Ron Randell * 7.2/10
8.5 Gone With the Wind 1939 Drama History Romance Romance War Victor Fleming Clark Gable Vivien Leigh Thomas Mitchell * 4.1 /5
7.7 The Jolson Story 1946 Biography Drama Music Alfred E. Green Larry Parks Evelyn Keyes William Demarest * 3.7/5
7.1 Union Pacific 1939 Drama Western Cecil B. DeMille Barbara Stanwyck Joel McCrea Akim Tamiroff * 3.4/5
7.1 Around the World in 80 Days 1956 Adventure Comedy Family Family Romance Michael Anderson David Niven Cantinflas Shirley MacLaine * 3.2/5
6.3 The Desperadoes 1943 Action Comedy Romance Romance Western Charles Vidor Randolph Scott Claire Trevor Glenn Ford * 3.8/5
6.2 v BUCCANEER 1938 Adventure Biography Drama Drama History War Cecil B. DeMille Fredric March Franciska Gaal Akim Tamiroff - 6/10

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