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Vivacious, blonde Mae Clarke was exposed to cinema from an early age, her father being an organist in a motion picture theatre. Growing up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, she learned how to dance and, at the tender age of 13, was already performing in nightclubs and amateur theatricals. In 1924 she was one of May Dawson's Dancing Girls, a New York... See full bio

Mae Clarke movies and series available to watch on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu : 1st ratings based on IMDB, 2nd rating - Netflix / Rotten Tomatos users:
* Movie Title (sort) Year Genres (sort) Director / CreatorsLeading Actors Netflix
8.2 Frankenstein 1931 Drama Horror Sci-Fi James Whale Colin Clive Mae Clarke Boris Karloff * 3.4/5
6.4 Great Guy 1936 Crime Drama Film-Noir Mystery John G. Blystone James Cagney, Mae Clarke, James Burke
8.5 Singin in the Rain 1952 Comedy Musical Romance Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen, Arthur Freed Gene Kelly Donald O'Connor Debbie Reynolds * 4.0/5
7.9 The Public Enemy 1931 Crime Drama William A. Wellman James Cagney Jean Harlow Edward Woods * 3.7/5
7.3 A Big Hand for the Little Lady 1966 Comedy Western Fielder Cook Henry Fonda Joanne Woodward Jason Robards * 3.6/5
7.1 Magnificent Obsession 1954 Drama Romance Douglas Sirk Jane Wyman Rock Hudson Agnes Moorehead * 3.6/5
7.0 Pat and Mike 1952 Comedy Romance Sport George Cukor Spencer Tracy Katharine Hepburn Aldo Ray * 3.5/5
7.0 v Carbine Williams 1952 Biography Crime Drama Richard Thorpe James Stewart Jean Hagen Wendell Corey - 7.2/10
6.8 Flying Tigers 1942 Action Drama Romance Romance War David Miller John Wayne John Carroll Anna Lee * 3.5/5
6.8 The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima 1952 Drama John Brahm Gilbert Roland Angela Clarke Frank Silvera * 8/10
6.8 Not As a Stranger 1955 Drama Film-Noir Romance Stanley Kramer Olivia de Havilland Frank Sinatra Robert Mitchum - 6.8/10
6.7 Royal Wedding 1951 Comedy Musical Romance Stanley Donen Fred Astaire Jane Powell Peter Lawford * 3.5/5
6.5 Watermelon Man 1970 Comedy Melvin Van Peebles Godfrey Cambridge Estelle Parsons Howard Caine * 3.0/5
6.1 v I Died a Thousand Times 1955 Crime Drama Film-Noir Film-Noir Thriller Stuart Heisler Jack Palance Shelley Winters Lori Nelson - 6.8/10
6.0 Three Guys Named Mike 1951 Comedy Romance Charles Walters Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Howard Keel * 3.5/5

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